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GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation:

The European changes within the Laws of Personal Data, prohibits any organization to store, use, or manage any personal data, unless said organization has written legal basis to do so.

At any point in time individuals can ask to receive insights in their data stored within a certain organization whilst continuously have the right to maintain, move or delete their stored data.

Documentation about how Capana acquires and maintains data below.



This GDPR-policy document describes how Capana Aps (“Capana”) acquires and uses your data, when you interact with the senseREPORTS website and its services.

By using the senseREPORTS website and its services, you accept the terms documented in this GDPR-policy and you are explicitly giving your consent to Capana to maintain your personal data.

If you can not accept the terms of the GDPR-policy we kindly suggest you do not use senseREPORTS, or its services.


Personal Data

Personal data is defined as whatever pieces of data that can be used to identify an individual. Meaning name, address, email address, phone number, IP-address or other contact information acquired through you, or your designated place of work.


Capana can acquire and use your data for the purposes below:

  • Delivery of Business systems, and other services.

  • Make signups to events, competitions etc.

  • If you consent to receiving newsletters, Capana can send you newsletters.

  • Market research and statistics.


Personal data Capana acquires usually involves:

  • Contact information such as name, phone number, email address etc.

  • Information about how you utilize Capanas websites ( and

  • Localization information acquired through IP-address, or GPS-information.

  • Other information that is a direct necessity to ensure best practice delivery of our services.



Cookies is a texted file, stored on your device, this file is stored to recognize your device, remember your settings and create statistics, whilst pinpoint relevant ads to your device. Capana can use these informations in combination with any data you have previously given to Capana through webforms – this ensures that You will only receive information when it’s relevant to you.

Cookies contains in no shape or form any malicious codes, viruses or malware.

You have full control over your cookies through, you can both delete and block cookies. If you do not wish to have cookies stored on your device, ads and information can vary in relevance.

Some services through, requires cookies to function correct.

Our websites ( and consists of cookies from third party organizations, listed below:

  • Google Adwords

  • Google Analytics

  • Linkedin Tracking

  • AutobahnCPH


Disclosure of data

Any data Capana stores or maintains above will for the most part only be disclosed to third party organizations with your explicit consent.

Capana will in very specific cases of delivery of services disclose your data to third party organizations (this could be partners of Capana and Data controllers). In these cases, Capana will explicitly provide your data to third party users that has the same quality of compliancy as Capana.

Capana continuously audits our third-party partners GDPR-compliancy.

In very rare cases Capana can be legally bound to disclose your data.

Data acquired of your use of our services, is only used in aggregated and anonymous form. These data are used to improve and develop our services and websites.


How long will Capana store your data

Capana stores and maintains your data in the timeframe deemed necessary to deliver the above-mentioned purposes. Capana stores data to a maximum of 60 months, and by then your data with automatically be deleted.


Data security

Capana is continuously training our employees in a best practice of managing your data. Furthermore, Capana has taken all necessary measures to ensure no unauthorized access can be acquired to your data.

In cases where Capana is disclosing your data to a third-party organization, Capana is ensuring that the data-managers has implemented necessary measured to manage your data in a confidential manner.



You have every right to at any time recall your consent to Capana to manage your data – you do that by contacting Capana.

Your recall of consent prohibits Capana from managing your personal data.

Contact information:


Right of access

Throughout the time Capana is managing your personal data, you have a right to inquire and receive documentation as of how Capana manages your data. In that case you can be informed about:

  • What data are Capana managing.

  • The purpose of your data.

  • If your data has been disclosed to third party partners.

  • How long Capana is maintaining your data.

  • What rights you have

  • How Capana has acquired your data.


It is your right to receive documentation of the above written information.


The right to be forgotten

At any time while Capana is maintaining your data, you have the right to get data deleted within these criteria:

  • Your personal data are not used for the purpose they have been acquired to.

  • You recall your consent. (Section consent)

  • If you object against Capana’s use of your data in marketing.

  • If the data is being managed illegally

  • If your data by law is required to be deleted.

  • If Capana has acquired your data without your consent – if you are below the age of 16 your consent must be acquired through your legal guardian.


Other Rights

You can at any point in time object against Capana using your data in a marketing matter.

If your data is not correct, misguiding, or against the law, you can have your data deleted, reduced or blocked.


At any point in time, you can contact Capana if you think Capana is managing your data against the law.

You have a right to complain to Datatilsynet – which is the Danish data protection agency. Contact information can be found on


Data portability

You can inquire for Capana to move your data to another data-managing organization if it is technically possible for Capana to disclose your data to them.

Should it not be technically possible you will receive your data in a structured and machine-readable format.


Disclosure to countries outside of the EU

QlikTech has HQ outside of the EU, in specific cases your data can be disclosed or stored in countries outside of the EU. When you give your information to Capana, through either use of websites ( and or services, your consent includes storage and use in countries outside of the EU.

Capana is taking necessary measures to ensure data security and ensures that any third-party organization both in- and outside the EU, is compliant with Capanas GDPR-policy.


Changes to the GDPR-policy

Capana reserves the right to make changes in their GDPR-policy.

The latest GDPR-policy will always be accessible through our websites. In cases with critical changes to the GDPR-policy we will notify you through the information stored.

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