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Empower key-users with improved analytical awareness
- Improve the value of each and every sheet within your Qlik Sense platform.

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senseEXTENSIONS portfolio

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  • senseCOMMENTS
  • senseLISTBOX
  • senseSIDEBAR
  • senseADHOC
  • senseKPI
  • senseTABLE

senseCOMMENTS is your go-to

communication-stream within your Qlik Sense environment.

With a chat-like function where sharing your selections to a
colleague is one of the key features, no information is going to be left behind


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senseLISTBOX gives you numerous design options for your selection bar, this makes it smaller, more intuitive, or just so it fits your preferred color-template.

In addition to all the visualization improvements, you'll be able to define a default value, use Quick multi choice (as in QlikView) and choose if its only 1 value that is to be selected.

Last but not least you are able to control Global Values of your sheets, like background via your list-box.




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senseSIDEBAR makes it possible to show/hide filters within your dashboard - all it takes is a click on a button, and all your filters will slide into your sheet whenever you need them. 

This ensures a professional clean look, that is highly valued by anyone consuming data within your Qlik Sense environment.

You even have the option of placing mini-charts in the sidebars, increasing the value of each sheet in your application.




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Self Service is a fantastic thing, and with senseADHOC everyone within your Qlik Sense environment has the option of building their own Pivot- or straight table, with the backup from master items.

Choose a dimension and an expression you want shown, reorganize columns if necessary - voila your specialized report is created in a second.

This is amazing for ad-hoc analyzing, and even works with Qlik Sense bookmarks.




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A high functioning dashboard requires KPI's both horizontal, vertical and with the necessary measures and dimensions.

To ensure your dashboard doesn't get unmanageable Capana created a tool that improves the usability of the standard KPI object. 

With senseKPI extension it's possible to dynamically adjust labels, formatting, font size and colors. 

This will definitely make all your sheets look professional all while the value of your application increases.




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C-level reporting is more often than not full of tables, and the layout is usually underwhelming. 

With the senseTABLE you'll be able to change the entire design of the straight table. this will allow your C-level reporting to be greeted with excitement 



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“This is a really beautiful product!”


-CIO, Tom Lekang, Amedia

Benefits with senseEXTENSIONS

Encourage data exploration through improved communication

Build value through professional and good looking dashboards

Increase user adoption with a ease of use, and well developed extensions


Extend BI information to everyone in your organization and improve business execution

Combine information from all your Qlik Sense apps in reports

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senseEXTENSIONS Prices

  • Unlimited users
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd support
  • 4 yearly updates
  • Monthly fee – billed quarterly
  • No bindings


Organizations below
10 users



Single extension purchase €20
3 Extension Bundle €40
Full Extension bundle €69


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Organizations between
10-50 users



Single extension purchase €47
3 Extension Bundle €93
Full Extension bundle €133


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Organizations between
51-100 users



Single extension purchase €53
3 Extension Bundle €107
Full Extension bundle €178


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Organizations above
100 users



Single extension purchase €80
3 Extension Bundle €160
Full Extension bundle €267


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